OTC Trading Platform for Physical LNG

Making LNG a tradable asset

Our Goal

We seek to introduce a centralized LNG liquidity pool based on technologically advanced multilateral marketplace. octolng® provides access to diverse physical trading products and enables physical LNG trading the way it has never been done before. We aim to establish a new industry standard of bringing together buyers and sellers for spot and short- to mid-term LNG supply.

Our Vision

LNG has once brought disruption to traditional gas markets. Today LNG is itself in the need for fundamental rewiring. octolng®  responds to market signals pointing at changing supply and procurement strategies, higher price sensitivity, greater demand for portfolio balancing and optimization, revised risk management patterns, lower market entrance barriers and need for better energy market resilience.


octolng® delivers a peer-to-peer OTC trading platform for physical LNG cargoes. At the core of the platform is a smart-contract based blockchain-enabled engine facilitating transaction confirmation and execution. octolng® also helps to manage physical post-execution trade life cycle in an expeditious, simplified but yet more reliable way and was designed to streamline middle- and back-office processes, reduce transactional and operational risks and costs.

Real-time direct trading execution platform

Bringing together elements of a successful LNG trade - all in one screen​

  • Trading instruments for spot cargoes, short- to-mid-term physical futures, buy/sell tenders, physical swaps
  • Advanced analytical tools for price discovery and benchmarking
  • Role-based access to comply with in-house trade approval procedures and create an audit trail
  • New dimension of managing credit risks through defining exposure and use of access to financial liquidity pool
  • Advanced and flexible legal ecosystem based on best market practices
  • Direct access to LNG freight through built-in gateway
  • Direct access to LNG terminal capacity through built-in gateway
  • Direct access to service providers and port authorities through built-in gateways
  • Smooth integration with existing in-house ERP and ETRM environments

Our team

The project is fueled by a team of dedicated professionals with solid background in energy trading, development of complex IT applications and software, setting up international commercial operations and business processes management.

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